So, as my loyal reader mayg have discovered by now, I’ve been away for awhile. Figuratively, that it. Literally, I’m away now, but that’s a recent development and has nothing to do with my noted absence from recent bloggification. The point is, with the departure of my employment in office drudgery, I’ve had very little motivation to sit at my computer and think up clever witticisms for your amusement (you’re welcome, by the way). instead, I’ve been devoting my time to more worwhile concerns, such as recording music, sleeping in, and beating the classic Nintendo game “Mike Tyson’s Punchout” using only my right hand (so far I’ve only gotten up to Mr. Sandman).

So it’s clear that I’ve been busy enriching the fabric of modern society. But some may ask why I would be updating my blog now, given my newfound fulfillment and apparent disdain for you all. The answer, my unfortunately intuitive “friend,” lies in the emerging of pockets of boredom (such as now, where I find myself standing on a streetcorner waiting for a friend to finish a phone-call). These bits of boredom, coupled with my recalling that I’d downloaded a wordpress app to my phone, are currently resulting in the updating of my blog. And what’s more, I find it entirely plausible that these circumstances could repeat. Which means, my currently-groaning-yet-oddly-massochistic reader, that you may yet have more of my ramnblings, rantings, and recipes to look forward to.

I’ll let that sink in for a minute or two so you can bask in the joy that is doubtlessly now permeating your very essence.

So I’ll not linger, lest I begin to bore both yourself and mine, but consider youself forewarned internet. I have returned with an apathetic vengeance (not a bad song title, if you’re going ska, metal, or punk)!

Wouldn’t it be crazy if I had ended on a parenthetical tangent? (It totally would). 


2 Responses to “Re-Awakening”

  1. My, my, you’re bored! Thanks for making my day funnier!

  2. Considering that we’re not all as satiated as you entertainment-wise, it’s indeed quite generous of you to share more witticisms with us. Thank you!

    Good luck on your various journeys! And, of course, with the punchout 🙂

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